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Peopling the Past

May 5, 2022

Peopling the Past Podcast is BACK for a third season on a very exciting topic: Women in the Ancient Mediterranean!

Join your hosts Dr. Chelsea Gardner and Dr. Melissa Funke for an introduction to SEASON THREE of the Peopling the Past podcast!

This season, listeners will hear about real women from all over the ancient Mediterranean world, from Britain to Nubia, Italy to Cyprus, Greece to Mesopotamia, and more! Let us take you on a journey into the lives of all kinds of women, from the most famous (yes, we've got Cleopatra and Boudicca!) to those whose names are lost forever to history. We've got something for everyone: inscriptions, medical texts, osteoarchaeology (bones); Macedonians, Etruscans, the Iceni; pleasure (sex), pain (childbirth), and comics!

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